What are the Different Types of Nouns

Today we are going to delve into an important aspect of English grammar.  We’re going to be taking a deeper look at one of the 9 parts of speech. The part of speech we’re going to deal with is the noun. If you read my article “ What are the Parts of Speech in English”, … [Read more…]

30 Commonly Confused Sets of Words in English-Part 2

Welcome! Here I am as promised to finish my list of “30 commonly confused sets of words in English”.  I really hope you have fun reading about them and learning. Continuing where I left off here is number 16 of my list. 16.  Affect vs. Effect “Affect” and “effect” are similar but have very different meanings and are … [Read more…]

30 Commonly Confused Sets of Words in English-Part 1

As an English learner, you probably find that you sometimes struggle with grammar.  Well, don’t worry too much and don’t get discouraged.  The truth is that many native English speakers frequently make grammatical mistakes as well.  English grammar is not easy.  Besides even if your grammar is good, many little mistakes go unnoticed especially if … [Read more…]

What are the Parts of Speech in English

Anyone who wants to write properly in English needs to be able to form grammatically correct sentences. In order to do this, it is imperative that he learn the basics. The first thing that needs to be learned is what are the parts of speech in English?  We also need to learn how many of them … [Read more…]